Juni 2010
30 Juni 2010

Upprop för Muharrem Erbey

To Prime minister Erdogan, Turkey:

Your Excellency,


We who have signed this letter wish to express our strong opposition to the detention without trial of the writer and lawyer Muharrem Erbey, who was arrested on December 26, 2009.

Erbey is a long-time member of PEN and has, as a lawyer, been recognised as a strong advocate for human rights. We find it very disturbing that the charges against Mr Erbey are founded on a very weak basis. We likewise find it disturbing, from an international point of view, that one of the main charges against Mr Erbey is that he, as an invited guest, has been giving speeches in several national parliaments, among them the Swedish Riksdag. This is being held against him as a criminal act.

To prosecute a writer and human rights lawyer for engaging in a free exchange of views and thoughts with European MPs is against the UN Declaration of Human Rights and against the idea of a democratic society in general.

We urge you to secure the immediate release of Mr Muharrem Erbey and to ensure that he is allowed to resume his work as a free writer and human rights lawyer.


Sincerely yours,

Ghayath Almadhoun, poet

Nasim Aghili, director

Faraj Bayrakdar, poet

Moa-Lisa Björk, translator

Mustafa Can, writer

Firat Ceweri, writer, member of the board of swedish PEN

Peter Curman, poet

Haideh Daragahi, litteraturvetare

Dilsa Demirbag-Sten, writer

Mehrdad Darvishpour, Ph D of sociology

Liljana Dufgran, writer

Kerstin Ekman, writer

Maria Ekman, translator

Oskar Ekström, project leader, Shahrazad

Torbjörn Elensky, writer

Peter Englund, writer, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy

Kjell Espmark, writer, member of the Swedish Academy

Marco Espvall, writer

Ahmad Eskandari, writer

Carl Etzler, writer

Lars Grahn, publisher

Lars Gustafsson, writer

Azadeh Rojhan Gustafsson, politician

Lennart Hagerfors, writer

Hanna Hallgren, poet and critic

Lars Hjalmarson, publisher, member of the board of swedish PEN

Kristina Hultman, writer and journalist

sholeh Irani, writer

Dan Israel, publisher

Taher Jambarsang, journalist

P.C. Jersild, writer

Ann Jäderlund, poet

Lena Kallenberg, writer

Martin Kaunitz, publisher, member of the board of swedish PEN

Amineh Kakabaveh, swedish member of parliament

Ulla Keyling, writer

Agneta Klingspor, writer

Ulrika Knutson, journalist, president of Swedish Publicist club

Helga Krook, poet

Murat Kuseyri, journalist

Ola Larsmo, writer, president of swedish PEN

Torgny Lindgren, writer, member of the Swedish Academy

Sven Lindqvist, writer

Inga-Lina Lindqvist, writer

Björn Linnell, publisher

Mikael Löfgren, writer

Azar Mahloujian, writer, member of the board of swedish PEN

Bodil Malmsten, writer

Henning Mankell writer

Robab Moheb, poet

Peter Mosskin, writer
Suzanne Nessim, artist

Meta Ottosson, translator

Agneta Pleijel, writer

Mattias Pleijel, journalist

Faramarz Pooya, writer

Gun Qvarzell, editor

Annina Rabe, literary critic

Gail Ramsay, professor of arabic

Ingrid Rasch, producer

Sohrab Rahimi, poet, translator

Anisur Rahman, ICORN writer in residence

Mahshid Rasti, Human Right activist
Anneli Rogeman, editor, VI magazine

Arne Ruth, publicist

Linda Schenck, translator

Eugene Schoulgin, writer

Boel Schenlaer, poet

Hossein Sheiban, lecturer, Stockholm Universitet

Ardalan Shekarabi, lawyer and member of Parliament

Helena Sigander, writer

Göran Sonnevi, poet

Jan Henrik Swahn , writer

Anne Swärd, writer

Monica Tranströmer

Tomas Tranströmer, poet

Marita Ulvskog, Member of EU parliament

Zozan Uzun

Birgitta Wallin, editor

Ola Wallin, publisher, , member of the board of swedish PEN

Siv Wideberg, writer

Maj-Britt Wiggh, writer

Per Wirtén, writer and journalist

Per Wästberg, writer, member of Swedish Academy

Nasser Yousefi, director and journalist

Monica Zak, writer

Naser Zeraati, writer

Jannike Åhlund, project leader

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15 Juni 2010


Statement of the Writers for Peace Committee of International PEN Concerning the Tragic Events of May 31, 2010


The Writers for Peace Committee follows the Lugano Declaration in condemning individual terrorism as well as State terrorism; we declare that those who resort to violence, even for a good cause, „annul  the missions to which they are dedicated and lose all claims to legitimacy” (quoted from the Statement of the 50th Congress of  International PEN in Lugano, Switzerland, May 1987).


We declare that:


  1. Nothing justifies the violence and murders that the army of the     State of Israel have perpetrated against the people on the ships that brought humanitarian aid to Gaza.  The use of firearms was entirely out of proportion and unsuitable as a response to the resistance put up by the people on board.  We strongly condemn these murders and regret the deaths.


2.   We protest against the grave violation of the right to freedom of expression of the journalists on board.


3.  We demand that the government of the State of Israel agree that an international committee investigate and throw light on the events and establish responsibility.


  1. To prevent the recurrence of such events, we demand that the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority accept the international monitoring of all ships so that the blockade can be lifted.


  1. We ask that the two States, that of Israel which is already in existence, and that of the people of Palestine which has yet to be established as soon as possible, recognise one another.  We believe that the only way to achieve the peaceful coexistence of the two States is through dialogue.


6.   It is the role of the international community through its institutions to make this political dialogue possible.  It must draw on the resources of the respective cultures, particularly the literary ones, of the two peoples whose writers are witnesses to peace and are committed to achieving it.



June 14, 2010


Dr. Edvard Kovač

President of the Writers for Peace Committee of International PEN


Eugene Schoulgin

Secretary General of International PEN



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14 Juni 2010


14 juni 2010

PEN: utred behandlingen av journalister på den bordade Gaza-konvojen

Två veckor har nu gått sedan den israeliska arméns bordning av den internationella konvojen med förnödenheter till det avspärrade Gaza. PEN oroas särskilt av den brist på respekt för pressfriheten och journalisters arbetsvillkor som militären visade. Enligt uppgifter från Reportrar utan gränser fängslades minst sexton journalister, från länder som Bulgarien, Tyskland och Australien. Andra fick sin utrustning och sitt material belagtaget.

- Alltfler journalister stupar, skadas eller fängslas i krig.  Det är en oroande trend som blir allt värre. Men man bör påminna sig om att detta skedde på internationellt vatten och inte i någon krigszon, säger Ola Larsmo, ordförande i Svenska PEN.

PEN ställer sig alltså bakom de krav på en oberoende utredning av behandlingen av journalisterna ombord som framförts av Reportrar utan Gränser.


Läs Internationella PENs deklaration om behandlingen av journalister ombord på Gaza-konvojen här.

Reportrar utan Gränsers uttalande kan läsas här.

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