Brev till Irans ambassadör i Sverige

Svenska PENs hedersmedlem Nasrin Sotoudeh hungerstrejkar sedan 18 oktober, som protest mot att barnens rättigheter kränks vid besök i fängelset och för att de iranska myndigheterna ska lämna hennes familj ifred. Med anledning av detta har vi skickat ett brev till Irans ambassadör i Sverige, där vi kräver att de ska tillmötesgå hennes krav och rädda hennes liv.


Dear Mr. Ambassador,

More than five weeks ago Iranian lawyer and human rights defender Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh went on hunger strike since her 12-year old daughter has been restrained from leaving the country, and because she is no longer allowed to see her family in a way that is otherwise stipulated by prison regulations. Her physical and mental health deteriorates by the minute.

In the year 2009 Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh was apprehended by Iranian authorities and sentenced to six years in Evon prison, charged for so-called ’propagandistic activities’. Up until today she has spent more than 800 days in imprisonment, thus having served almost half of her penalty.

Swedish PEN has followed Mrs. Sotoudeh’s case closely since her first arrest in 2009. Due to the acuteness of Mrs. Sotoudeh’s steadily decreasing health, we hereby call upon the Ambassador to ensure that Mrs. Sotoudeh is allowed to see her family the way prison regulations stipulates, and that immediate improvements are made to guarantee the health and well-being of Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh.

Ola Larsmo,
President Swedish PEN

Negar Josephi,
President Swedish PEN Writers in Prison Committee

Henrik C. Enbohm,
Vice-President Swedish PEN Writers in Prison Committee